Elena Cardini Body and Mind - Pietrasanta - Italy



Body, Mind and Spirit

I strongly believe in the need to address these three needs in to reach a Psychophysical Balance, dynamical body movements and a postural balance.

So as the individual can reach a harmonic state it is necessary to combine these three elements so as to let the Vital Energy flow freely, without any blocks or restrictions.”

Since 2010 our studio represents a Holistic Reality: a team of professional staff will take care of you, they will accompany you in getting to know and trying out techniques and instruments necessary to your physical well-being.

Strength for the Body – Peace for the Mind – Rebirth for the Spirit


It is our duty

• To promote self-awareness through listening and understanding one’s own psychophysical discomforts.

• To support the change of those daily attitudes which are often the origin of incorrect and harmful postural habits.

• To manage to have a command of one’s own body in dialogue with the mind and spirit.

• Utilizing physical ,rehabilitating and postural exercise means above all preventing and then taking care of physical and energetic problems.

Our work in the studio translates into a Knowledge fed by a constant Passion for the Other, and inflected in the movement of the Body, to the awakening and memory of those deepest layers of the Soul.

A journey from the source of one’s self and of one’s problem leads to the awareness of harmony and a healthy balance.