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GARUDA – Discipline that unites Pilates, yoga and dance and Tai Chi.

The Garuda method is a mix of various disciplines, creating a way of training that allows you to improve strength, elasticity, making breathing the principal leading guide of the whole method.

Working intensely within the myofascial lines of the body also the organs are revitalised.


GARUDA FOAM ROLLER(CHAKRA) – the Garuda method on the Roller

The Garuda method develops in various forms, one of which is the Garuda Foam Roller (chakra). The design of the particular Rollers, ideated by Garuda himself, allows in performing the movements maintaining the energy points (chakra)within our bodies aligned .

Laying down, sitting or resting on one’s side , the roller in contact with the body stimulates the myofascial lines, creating wellbeing in the whole of the body.